Securing Funding For New Jersey’s Yeshivas: An Interview With the OU’s Josh Pruzansky

by Elliot Resnick

December 31, 2014

As yeshiva tuition costs seem to increase with each passing year – draining the resources of large Orthodox families – many wonder what the future holds. Can anything be done to alleviate the community’s financial burden? If yes, what?

For insight on this topic – particularly as it affects New Jersey residents – The Jewish Press recently spoke with Josh Pruzansky, director of political affairs and public policy in New Jersey for the Orthodox Union. Over the past few years, Pruzansky has secured an additional $6.6 million in state funding for day schools.

The Jewish Press: School vouchers – which would save families many thousands of dollars – would be a dream come true for many Orthodox Jews. What’s the status of this dream in New Jersey?

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