New York Times Letter to the Editor: We Disagree with Roger Cohen

Posted on December 2, 2008 In Blog

In a letter to the editor of the New York Times regarding yesterday’s opinion piece by Roger Cohen, “Try tough Love Hillary”, IPA Director Nathan Diament wrote:

To the Editor:

Roger Cohen counsels Hillary Rodham Clinton, once she is secretary of state, to shift American policy toward Israel to one of “tough love, with the emphasis on tough.”

But despite Mr. Cohen’s assertion that it is because of his being “fiercely attached to Israel’s security” that he wants Israel pushed to carve up Jerusalem and to give up the Golan Heights and more, he devotes scant attention to what the Palestinians must do to yield peace.

It is remarkable that the world must be reminded that the Palestinians have rejected scores of Israeli peace overtures and concessions, murdered innocent Israelis in cafes and on buses, and voted Hamas into power in the aftermath of Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

Peace is not elusive in the Middle East because of Israel. Peace is elusive because of those who deny Israel’s right to exist to this day.

Nathan Diament
Director of Public Policy
Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America
Washington, Dec. 1, 2008