Orthodox Union Applauds Congressman Ted Deutch’s Iran Sanctions Testimony

Posted on May 13, 2010 In Blog, Iran

The Orthodox Union (Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America), the nation’s largest Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization applauds Florida Congressman Ted Deutch for his testimony in favor of the President creating an official list of those companies doing business with Iran.

Yesterday, Representative Deutch testified on the subject before the U.S. Senate Homeland Security Committee. The committee called the hearing as a result of the New York Times recent declaration that approximately $107 billion in U.S. government contracts have gone to companies violating existing Iran sanctions.

Deutch stated:

“There is no greater threat to global security than the Iranian regime’s quest for nuclear weapons, and it is time we put proper pressure on our friends, allies and international competitors alike to end their investments in Iran.”

This testimony by Congressman Deutch is the latest in his history of fighting for Iran sanctions and Israel security. In 2007, Deutch spearheaded a successful Iran divestment bill in the Florida State Senate and in 2009 showed his support for Israel by sponsoring a resolution supporting Israel’s fight against Hamas terror.