Teach NYS Praises Gov. Cuomo’s FY 2017-2018 Budget Proposal

Posted on January 18, 2017 In TeachNYS

Albany, NY – Teach NYS, a project of the Orthodox Union, praises Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s budget proposal today for including increased funding for non-public schools. Teach NYS also urges the governor to go one step further by supporting an inclusive STEM program for all students.

In last year’s budget, Teach NYS successfully advocated for millions of dollars in aid for non-public schools to make sure every child has access to a safe and quality education. Gov. Cuomo’s preliminary 2017 budget calls for substantial increases in funds for mandated services and attendance policy, and adds $25 million in technology funds for non-public schools. The budget also maintains the current $15 million in security funding.

The governor’s proposal is the first step in the budget process. The New York Senate and Assembly will propose and pass their own budgets in March of this year.   

“We are grateful to Gov. Cuomo for his support of all students across New York State, including those that we represent in the non-public school community,” said Jake Adler, Director of Government Affairs for Teach NYS. “His budget demonstrates a clear commitment to education and student achievement. This is a welcome step in the right direction. Gov. Cuomo also has a history of supporting economic development in the STEM fields. It is our hope that he and the legislature can match that commitment by supporting STEM education for all K-12 students. We will work toward an inclusive policy that supports STEM instruction funding for non-public schools.”