The Parent Education Resource Center is dedicated to helping parents of children attending private and parochial schools here in New York City navigate through available government funded services. We want to help ensure that all children benefit from the services they are entitled to under the law.

Learning Differences and Disabilities:

Here are easy to find answers prepared by leading experts on dyslexia, ADHD, sensory integration and processing disorders as well as discussion of methods of instruction that are designed to address these issues.

NYC-Department of Education Special Education Services:

Here parents will find information that will help with determining if their child needs special education services, the steps involved in accessing services, responsibilities of the Department of Education to their child, and how to ensure that their child is benefitting from the services.

Common Core Standards:

If your child’s private high school confers a Regents diploma, then Common Core matters to you. On this webpage parents will learn how their child is directly affected by the new Common Core Standards.  Parents will also find useful information on how they can help their child succeed with the Common Core Standards in elementary, middle and most importantly in high school.


Transition Planning:

The goal of Transition Planning is to help a student finish high school and successfully transition to college, vocational education, work and/or independent living skills. Here parents will find helpful suggestions and resources to ease this transition.

NCLB Title I improves the educational performance of low achieving children:

Title I is a Federally funded program that provides additional resources and instruction to improve the educational performance of low achieving children. Title I offers children help in reading, writing and math. Title I also provides funding for counseling and parent involvement programs.