Urge Gov. Christie to Support the Safety and Success of All NJ Schoolchildren

Posted on February 4, 2016 In Blog

Please urge Governor Chris Christie to give all students the same state funding for security, nursing aid, technology and textbooks in his fiscal 2016-17 budget, regardless of what kind of school they attend. Take action now

Currently, each non-public school student receives only $198 from the State of New Jersey for educational programs and services, which is far below the $20,000 average cost to New Jersey taxpayers for each public school student . The funding that the state has budgeted for fiscal year 2015-2016 doesn’t provide children who don’t go to public schools the basic services necessary for our children to succeed, including adequate security during these very dangerous times.

Our children’s safety and basic learning tools are no less important than those who attend public school. There should be no difference in the security and services funding they receive.

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