Will Obama Condemn Incitement?

Posted on November 29, 2010 In Blog

Obama Administration officials have often said that just as they will speak out against Israeli actions they find harmful to the peace process, they will condemn acts of anti-Israel incitement by Palestinian leaders.

Well, as we noted, last week an official arm of the Palestinian Authority produced a “study” denying any Jewish connection to the Kotel (“Western Wall”); an outrageous statement and an act of incitement and hatred.

In addition to condemning this act of the PA, the OU leadership wrote to President Obama asking that his Administration condemn the PA official’s action.

Nearly one week later, we are still awaiting any such action by the Obama Administration.

This is all the more troubling because earlier this year, it took a matter of hours for the Administration, via State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley, to condemn statements by HaRav Ovadia Yosef that the Palestinians found to be offensive – and Rav Ovadia is not even a member of the Israeli government, and Prime Minister Netanyahu distanced himself from Rav Ovadia’s remarks!

Does an act of incitement by an official of the Palestinian Authority not deserve similar repudiation?

Perhaps, as the President graciously hosts American Jews at The White House this Thursday evening for a Hannukah Reception – commemorating miraculous events that occurred centuries ago in the Jewish Temple – located on the Temple Mount above the Western Wall – President Obama might note that all the celebration, dreidel spinning and other fuss is due to events that occurred in that place – to which the Jewish people have a historic and undeniable connection.

Posted by Nathan J. Diament