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Please Support All Schoolchildren This Year
Will you take action today by sending this letter to your elected officials? The letter calls on them to...
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Stop Funding UN Antisemitic Textbooks
Will you take action today by sending this letter to your U.S. representatives? The letter calls on them to...
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Urge Your State Representatives to Increase Nonpublic School Funding
Governor Murphy and the New Jersey Legislature are working on the State budget for next year, which impacts essential...
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TAKE ACTION: Urge Sacramento to End Discrimination Against Religious Students with Special Needs

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a federal law ensuring that all children...

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Tell Your Council Member to Support Students With Special Needs
Take Action Now: Tell your Council Member and Mayor Adams to pass Intro-0957 to give all children with special...
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Thank Your Elected Officials for Record Nonpublic School Funding
Thank your New York State Senators, Assemblymembers, and Albany leadership today for the newly passed NYS Budget that includes...
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Expanding the Nevada Educational Choice Scholarship Program
More than ever, we need your help to make our voices heard by Nevada legislatures in order to help...
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Help Fund Security for Synagogues and Schools
Congress will soon decide the program’s funding level for 2024. With rising antisemitism, we cannot afford to sit this...
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Help Make Jewish Education Affordable
We must act now to ensure that our children can receive the critical chinuch that day schools and yeshivas...
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