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URGENT: NSGP Funding At Risk
With the government headed toward a shutdown at midnight on September 30, we urge you to take action by...
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Pennsylvania Election on Pesach: Change NEEDED
Pennsylvania's upcoming primary election conflicts with Pesach, which will make voting at the polls impossible for many Pennsylvanians. Make...
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Thank Your Elected Official for Supporting Our Schools
Help us make sure our elected officials know that our community appreciates their support of our schools by sending...
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Tell Your Representatives to Support Equal Opportunities for Jewish Children with Special Needs
Every parent should have the right to choose the school that is best for their child.
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Stop Funding UN Antisemitic Textbooks
Will you take action today by sending this letter to your U.S. representatives? The letter calls on them to...
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Thank Your Elected Officials for Record Nonpublic School Funding
Thank your New York State Senators, Assemblymembers, and Albany leadership today for record breaking STEM funding in NYS Budget...
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